Selfcare literally means to care for oneself. To do that one must know oneself and become aware of one’s own needs. When we have been impacted by loss and/or trauma we might not know what we want or what we need. During the process of creating a healthier relationship to oneself, one will begin to discover one’s own needs and how to meet them. To be able to step back, to say no to work or family demands when we feel we are unable to cope, to take a rest, relax, and create a healthy work-life balance are all crucial aspects of what it means to ‘care for oneself’. As well as this, the ability to be kind to oneself in not judging oneself to harshly or one’s actions, instead supporting ourselves expresses how much we actually connect to ourselves, or whether we always place ourselves last in the queue. It is not an easy task. 

In beginning to attune your own needs you will be able to express them in a healthier way, becoming more assertive towards others. It will become a natural way of being. The more you are in tune with yourself the more you will be in tune with life.